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FEI Titan Cubed Themis G2 60-300

FEI Titan Cubed Themis G2 60-300

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contact person: Dr. Yaron Kauffmann and Dr. Galit Atiya


Manufacturer Product Data

The Titan Themis G2 60-300 (FEI / Thermo Fisher) is the world’s highest resolution commercially available Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) microscope with a high-tension voltage range of 60-300kV, yielding powerful sub-Ångstrom (atomic scale) imaging and analysis for a broad range of materials (metals, semiconductors, ceramics, polymers and organic materials).The Titan’s dedicated platform for correctors and monochromator technologies and their applications is designed for a high degree of automation, and provides ultimate stability, performance, and flexibility.The microscope transfers information deep into sub-Ångstrom resolution, providing the highest performance available in both TEM and STEM modes, enabling extraordinary new scientific opportunities for direct observation aimed at enabling analysis of individual nanostructures at an unprecedented resolution of 0.8Å, which is approximately one-third the size of a carbon atom.

The microscope was purchased as part of the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute.

The Technion Titan Themis features:

  • A monochromator for sub-eV energy resolution (60-300kV)
  • A double corrector system (CEOS) for both TEM and STEM modes enabling sub-Ångstrom resolution.
  • A high-resolution energy filter (Gatan Quantum ER965), for sub-eV EELS and energy filtered TEM (including ultrafast dual-EELS capabilities)
  • Dual-X detector (Bruker) with an effective Solid Angle of 1.76sr for fast and precise local (atomic) chemical analysis.
  • A high resolution BF/DF/HAADF STEM system
  • Lorentz mode for mapping magnetic materials
  • A DensSolutions double tilt hot stage (up to 1300°C) for in-situ studies
  • A Gatan double-tilt hot stage (1000°C) for in-situ studies
  • A Gatan double-tilt cryo-stage (liquid N2) for life-science and CBED/EELS analysis
  • A Fischione single-tilt tomography holder for TEM and STEM 3D reconstruction
  • Ceta2 4Kx4K ultra-high-speed CMOS camera (for in-situ)
  • Exit wave reconstruction (True Image – ATLAS)


The microscope performance (tested on site):

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