course 318525

Transmission Electron Microscopy in Materials Science

Technion Graduate Course #318525

Spring Semester, 2024

Room 401, Meidan building


Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is becoming more and more essential in many fields of research involving nano-scale structures.

The goal of this course is to provide the student with a basis upon which s/he can interpret electron microscopy results, understand the microscopy of others, and to know when (and when not) to turn to electron microscopy for answers concerning the microstructure of materials.

This course attempts to cover the basic topics required in all current microscopy techniques in use, and to delve into some of the more advanced techniques which are used in Materials Science.

The course is based on 13 lectures. In addition, the student is required to complete exercises which will be handed out during the course. A final exam will complete the course.

The final grade will be composed in the following manner:

  • 2 home exercises (50%)
  • 1 final exam (50%)

The lectures will be held on Mondays between 12:30-14:20 at room 401 in the Maydan building (department of Materials Science & Engineering).

Lecturer Details
Dr. Yaron Kauffmann
Phone #: 4567
Office: Electron microscopy center (MIKA) office # EM12
Recommended Literature
* D.B. Williams and C.B. Carter “Transmission Electron Microscopy” Vol. 1-4, Plenum Press, New York (1996).
* D. Brandon and W.D. Kaplan, “Microstructural Characterization of Materials”, Wiley press, 2nd edition (2008).
* J.W. Edington, “Practical Electron Microscopy in Materials Engineering” (1976).
* J.C.H. Spence, “High-Resolution Electron Microscopy”, Oxford press, 3d edition (2003).
* R.F. Egerton, “Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy in the Electron Microscope”, Springer press, 3d edition (2011).
* Eric Stach, “MSE 640 Transmission Electron Microscopy and Crystalline Imperfections”,

* to obtain a passwd for the PDF files please contact me

#DateTopics (+ lectures slides in flash** - no password needed)2024 - Handouts*
129.05.24Introduction / Historical overview / Types of TEMs / Electron sources   lecture 1 slides in flash
  • lecture #1
  • 205.06.24Electron optics / Lens aberrations / Resolution / The vacuum system / Sample holders / Electron scattering in materials   lecture 2 slides in flash
  • lecture #2
  • 319.06.24Basic crystallography / Electron diffraction   lecture 3 slides in flash
    426.06.24Electron diffraction & the reciprocal space / Solving electron diffractions - exercises and practice / Electron diffraction - Laue zones / Dynamic diffraction / Kikuchi patterns    lecture 4 slides in flash
    503.07.24CBED / Contrast mechanisms - Mass-thickness / Diffraction contrast   lecture 5 slides in flash
    610.07.24Contrast from planar defects & interfaces / Phase contrast (HRTEM) - Fresnel Contrast / Moiré patterns    lecture 6 slides in flash
    Home Assignment #1 - submission date
    717.07.24Phase contrast (HRTEM) - Lattice imaging / The CTF / Image delocalization / Cs correction / Quantitative analysis of phase contrast images   lecture 7 slides in flash
    824.07.24Phase contrast image simulations / Quantitative image processing & analysis / Coherent & incoherent imaging / HRSTEM - BF/ADF/HAADF   lecture 8 slides in flash
    931.07.24HRSTEM - BF/ADF/HAADF - Cont. / TEM Sample preparation   lecture 9 slides in flash
    1007.08.24Demo at the Titan:
    Group #1 - 08:30-10:20
    Group #2 - 10:30-12:20
    Home Assignment #2 - submission date
    1114.08.24Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) & Energy Filtered TEM (EFTEM)   lecture 11 slides in flash
    1221.08.24Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) in the TEM / Pre-Exam Preparation   lecture 12 slides in flash
    Final exam -

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